Shri Mahabhagvat Devi Puran

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Shri Mahabhagva Devi Puran is one of the 18 sacred Puranas of Hindus. This Purana is an important text of the Shakta sect, divided into 12 skandhas (sections), 18,000 verses and 318 chapters. Each chapter praising Goddess Durga as a symbol of Shakti (female power). Hindus worship Durga as the goddess who is believed to be the originator of all because in the beginning, the supreme power was 'Nirguna' (without form) Which later manifested itself as the three forces (sattvik, rajasi and tamas).

Shri Mahabhagva Devi Puran mentions some facts about Goddess Durga that scholars and pundits never told the Bhakt Samaj, leaving the Bhakt Samaj in complete ignorance.

The following questions need to be answered:-

Is Goddess Durga the creator of the universe?

Who created Maa Durga?

Durga ji applies vermilion, who is her husband?

Who is the father of Maa Durga?

Durga is addressed as 'Ma', does she have children? If yes, what are their names?

Why is Durga addressed as Tridevjan-ni? Why did Goddess Durga forbid her worship in Durga Purana?

Is there any mention of worshiping Durga anywhere in the Vedas?

Is Goddess Durga immortal?

Can Durga ji forgive sins?

Does Goddess Durga provide spiritual liberation/moksha?

What is the real mantra of Durga?

Let us find out these facts from Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Purana, published by Gita Press Gorakhpur, edited by Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar and Chiman Lal Goswami.

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