is an e-commerce platform managed by Madhurmani Networks Private Limited. Our purpose is to celebrate what is good and true through the products we create. We offer a wide collection of unique and affordable spiritual products like Gita Press books, Puja samagris, a wide range of idols, Malas, bookstands (Rehal), decorative religious items, etc. was born with a belief of keeping Sanatana Dharma and it's prestigious value alive. Sanatana Dharma also known as Hinduism, is a complex and diverse religious and philosophical tradition that originated in the Indian subcontinent.

The Sanatana Dharma is derived from two Sanskrit words: "Sanatana," meaning eternal or timeless, and "Dharma," which can be translated as duty, righteousness, or the natural order of things. Thus, Sanatana Dharma can be understood as the eternal path or the timeless way of righteous living.

We at also derive the same value to provide every devotee with eternel and timeless experience with the products we sell in their spiritual work. is India's biggest online Pooja Items Brand having more than 3000 products. We serve best quality spiritual books and puja essentials at the best price delivered to their doorsteps.

Core Values

We at stands on 5 core values that defines our brand and integrity.

  • Education and Awareness: To provide accurate and comprehensive information about Sanatana Dharma to help educate people about its principles, beliefs, and rituals.
  • Cultural Preservation: To preserve and promote the rich culture of Sanatana Dharma, including festivals, art forms, scriptures, and historical landmarks.
  • Spirituality and Philosophy: To explore and explain the spiritual and philosophical aspects of Sanatana Dharma, including its various paths, schools of thought, and teachings.
  • Community Engagement: To foster a sense of community among Hindus and provide a platform for discussions, networking, and sharing experiences related to Sanatana Dharma.
  • Service and Humanitarian Work: To encourage and support initiatives that align with the values of Sanatana Dharma, such as social welfare, environmental conservation, and charitable activities.