Shukra Yantra

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According to Vedic astrology, Shukra or Venus is one of the most significant celestial bodies in the planetary system. The power of the Shukra yantra is based on the reverberation of cosmic forces. The Shukra planet is involved in influencing a person's beauty, fortune, pleasure, and comfort. 

  • It brings contentment and peace to marital life.
  • The negative effect of this planet can be countered by worshipping Shukra yantra.
  • It brings financial stability and attracts prosperity to your business.
  • Aids in the treatment of skin, gastrointestinal, and eye ailments.

    Product features:

  • Weight:15grams
  • Size: 8cmX8cm
  • Place it in the east direction facing west.
  • The ideal day to install is Friday.

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