Shri Matsya Yantra

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About this product

A Matsya Yantra symbolizes Lord Vishnu, who took the "Matsya Avatar," in which he established the cosmos' balance and harmony. This Yantra is very effective in removing a location of Vastu flaws and restoring stability among all five basic elements i.e. Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space. so that the people who live or work there are safe from the negative effects of Vastu.

  • This yantra corrects negative energy caused by Vaastu flaws in the home and workplace.
  • This Yantra aids in getting rid of negative influences and infections caused by the evil eye.
  • This yantra Increases your chances of living a happy and successful life.

     Product features:

  • Weight:15grams
  • Size: 8cmX8cm
  • Place it in the Northeast direction.

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