Metal Shivling with Naag Devta

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✔ Material: The Metal Shivling with Naag Devta is expertly crafted from high-quality metal, ensuring durability and a divine aesthetic.

✔ Design: The Shivling represents Lord Shiva, while the Naag Devta (serpent deity) symbolizes protection and divine energy.

✔ Size and Weight: With a length of 8 cm and breadth of 6 cm, it is compact yet visually impactful, weighing 62 grams.

✔ Spiritual Significance: The Shivling is considered a sacred representation of Lord Shiva's cosmic energy and the eternal cycle of creation and destruction.

✔ Worship and Meditation: Use this Metal Shivling with Naag Devta in your daily prayers, meditation practices, or as a centerpiece in your puja room to connect with the divine.

✔ Care: Maintain its pristine appearance by gently cleaning with a soft cloth, preserving its divine essence.

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