Vashikaran Copper Yantra

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Vashikaran Yantra is a true mystical wonder of ancient Indian science. Basically, the purpose of this yantra is to attract someone you desire. The deeper your desire, the better the results, provided you practice the Vashikaran Yantra ritual worship with real dedication and single-minded intent.

  • It strengthens the energy of your brain impulses in order to attract the person of your dreams.
  • This yantra fosters nice professional and personal connections with coworkers, friends, and others.
  • If your Saturn is bad, you should combine this Vashikaran Yantra with the Nav Graha Yantra to get the most benefit out of it.
  • This yantra is also useful for bringing a loved one under influence for good and positive purposes such as synchronicity and building relationship harmony.

       Product features:

  • Weight:20grams
  • Size: 8cmX8cm
  • Place it in the east direction.
  • The ideal day to install is Wednesday.

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