Tulsi leaf

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Tulsi leaves are used to offer bhog in order to receive the blessings of Lord Vishnu by pleasing him. Therefore, it has become a rich tradition of offering prayerful obeisance to the tulsi plant, which Shri Vishnu adores, every morning and evening as a token of gratitude because it is a destroyer of negative energies and a purifier of the atmosphere.

  • 100% Pure and natural holy basil dried leaves.
  • Harmful chemical-free
  • No preservative added.
  • Used in the preparation of ayurvedic and homemade medicines.
  • Can be used in Tea, making tulsi water, or chewed directly.
  • Improves immunity and digestion.
  • Helps in curing cough, cold, and fever.
  • Dimensions: L 7cmXB 7cmXH 4cm
  • Weight: 46grams