Tripindi Sraddha Paddhati: त्रिपिण्डीश्राध्दपध्द्ति

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In the present book, read the spiritual discussion about 'Tripindi Shradh'. It mainly includes important information in the context of these methods, the purpose of the method, the appropriate time, the appropriate place, the method of doing the method and the experiences obtained from doing the method.

Unknown to us, the ancestors who have not gained salvation or misfortune and have troubled the clan members perform Tripindi to free the souls that are housed in the three locations in order to get rid of their demonicity and obtain salvation. is a method. For a Pitra or Father-Pitamah (Grandfather), Shradh is typically conducted (Great Grandfather). It can only span three generations, in other words. But Tripindi Shradh also brings satisfaction to the forefathers of earlier generations. Each family should follow this procedure every twelve years, however those with Pitra Dosh or problems brought on by the ancestors should follow it more frequently to remove the flaw.

  • Author: Pt. Ramkrishan Shastri
  • Pages: 128
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Gita Press
  • Language: Hindi
  • Weight: 110grams
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