Shri Vishnu Yantra

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This yantra is used to appease Lord Vishnu, who is regarded as a supreme power acting as the main protector of his followers. Lord Vishnu has taken many incarnations to bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to the world. As a result, establishing and worshipping this Yantra bestows all worldly comforts upon the worshipper, and he is protected from all kinds of Miseries, Evil forces, and Negativities, and he always triumphs over his foes.

  • This Yantra will fulfill all your desires and wishes.
  • This yantra helps you in gaining success and fame in all spheres of life.
  • This Yantra is used to ward off grudge, the magic, and evil forces.

       Product features:

  • Weight:15grams
  • Size: 8cmX8cm

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