Linga Purana (With Pictures and Sanskrit to Hindi Translation) by GIta Press

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Of the eighteen Puranas, the Linga Purana, which describes the great glory of Lord Maheshwar, has been called the Vishisht Purana. In this Purana composed by Ved Vyas, first Yoga and then Kalpa have been told. The glory of Shiva has been described in over 11,000 verses in the Linga Purana. It is the best of all the Puranas.

The term "Linga" is widely misunderstood in modern society. The literal meaning of the word linga is a sign or a symbol – as found in the Vaisheshik Darshana text by Kanada Muni. For example, all Lord Maheshwar are men. This Shivling is a sign of the Jyotirupa Chinmaya Shakti of the same Lord Shankar. The description of the incident, which has appeared in the form of Jyoti Linga for the wellbeing of the universe, amazed even the great powers like Brahma and Vishnu and is a significant part of the subject matter of this Purana. Then there is a detailed description of the Vrat-Yog Shivarchan Yagya Havana that gives salvation. It is a supplementary text to Shiva's Purana.

Brahma ji composed the Linga Purana in the Ishaan Kalpa. Originally, Vyas Ji summed up the book of a hundred crore verses and said it in four lakh verses. Later, it was divided into eighteen Puranas, of which the Linga Purana is in the eleventh place. Linga Purana is a rich reservoir of spiritual information and is worth reading.

  • Author: Maharishi Vedvyas
  • Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
  • Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi translation
  • Pages: 842
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Product Type: Religious Books
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