Shiv Opasna Ank (67th Kalyan Special Edition) by Gita Press

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In this special issue called Shiv Opasna Ank, various forms of Lord Shiva have been described in the scriptures along with elemental essays related to Lord Shiva, main forms of Shiva-worship, description of various forms like Panchmurti, Dakshinamurti, Jyotirlinga, Narmadeshwar, Nataraja, Harihar etc., method of worshiping Shiva on the basis of scriptures, Shiva temples located in different regions of India along with a detailed introduction and description of Shaivite pilgrimages etc.

Shiv Opasana Ank is the 67th Special Edition of Kalyan by Gita Press, Gorakhpur.

  • Weight-920gm
  • Length-28cm
  • Breadth-19cm
  • Height-3cm

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