Sankshipt Shiv Puran (Gujarati) Sachitra by Gita Press

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Shiv Puran, also known as Shiv Mahapuran, is one of the 18 Mahapurans authored by Maharishi Ved Vyas ji. Shiv Mahapuran has a detailed description of the essence, mystery, glory, and worship of the 'Shiva' (Kalyankari) form of Parabrahm Parmeshwar.

Benefits of reading Shiv Puran:

  • If read with devotion, Lord Shiva fulfills all the desires of the devotees.
  • Our mind stays away from negative thoughts and tendencies. 
  • We become one with Lord Shiva and attain salvation

Gita Press, Gorakhpur has published Shri Shiv Puran in Gujarati to make the glories of Lord Shiva accessible to all the devotees. The book also has beautiful colourful illustrations and bold font to supplement the reading.

  • Weight: 1446 g
  • Length: 28 cm
  • Breadth: 19 cm
  • Height: 4 cm

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