संस्कार प्रकाश: Samskar-Prakash (Gita Press)

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Through the sacraments, man did the welfare of both himself and the society by fully developing his innate tendencies. these sanskars not only sanctified man in this life, but also sanctified his transcendental life. homa was performed before each rite, but according to the grihyasutra the person followed, there was a difference in the number of offerings, the use of havypadarths and mantras in different families.

The use of the word 'sanskar' is not found in the vedic literature. the description of the sacraments is mainly found in the grihmasutras, but in these also the word sanskar has been used in the sense of sanctification of the sacrificial material. in the vaikhanas smriti sutra (200 to 500 ad), the first clear distinction is found between the sacraments and sacrifices related to the body.

In this book named sanskar prakash, 16 sacraments have been described in detail.
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