Narada Purana (Sankshipt; Sachitra; With Sanskrit to Hindi Translation) by Gita Press

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The Narada Purana, also known as the 'Nardiya Purana,' is one of the eighteen Mahapuranas written by Maharishi Vedvyas Ji. This is a Vaishnava Purana told from the mouth of Maharishi Narada himself. Naradpuran has a detailed description of education, Kalpa, grammar, astrology, verses, and a detailed description of the worship of God. This Purana is very important from the point of view that the index of eighteen Puranas has been given in it.

It is said about this Purana that even sinners are freed from their sins by listening to it. Referring to sinners, it is said that a person who is guilty of celibacy, drinks alcohol, consumes meat, indulges in prostitution, eats vengeful food, and steals; is a sinner. The theme of this Purana is Vishnu Bhakti. 

In the Purana, along with the worship of Vishnu, the law of worship of Rama is also found. The methods of Hanuman and Krishnaopasana are also described. The Narada Purana also describes the introduction of sages, verses, and deities of mantras, as well as the law of Ganesha worship.

Mantras have also been given for Kali and Shiva worship. However, it is primarily Vaishnava Purana. At the end of this Purana, it is stated that because cow slaughter and blasphemy are heinous sins, the 'Narad Purana' should never be recited in front of such people.

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