Mahabharat Whole Hindi Commentary Vol-1(Gita Press)

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Mahabharata is the greatest spiritual epic ever written in human history. It was first written in Sanskrit about five thousand years ago by Vyasdeva Ji. It is an unbeatable saga, full of intrigue and the twists and turns of human nature. The books takes you through all of the events and circumstances that led to the war between two groups of cousins from the great Kuru family, the Pandavas and the Kauravas. The Mahabharata incorporates all aspects of human psychology and presents them to us in such a way that you don't just read it, you literally live it. The incredible genius of this epic will teach you everything you need to know about mankind, ethics, values, and, most importantly, the central themes of natures’ unchangeable "Dharma" and "Swadharma" 

The descendants of the Bharata dynasty are five male brothers: the Pandavas; and their hundred male cousins: the Kauravas/Kurus (and one sister). The cousins were raised together. Because of their exposure to each other, you'd think they'd all love each other like brothers. Unfortunately, this was not the case. There was no affection. The Kauravas were envious of the Pandavas' talents, fame, and respect. Jealousy gave birth to greed.  Then came the worst of all possible scenarios. The Pandavas and the Kauravas declared war on each other. Friends and kings from all over the world had gathered. As a result, the Great Battle of Kurukshetra erupted. Who died? Who survived? Who won, and who lost? Read Mahabharata to find out.

  • Published in six volumes.
  • Illustrated and bound.
  • Author: Ved Vyas
  • Language: Sanskrit with Hindi translation
  • Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
  • Weight: 1.830kg
  • Size: 27cmX19cm


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