Ladoo Gopal Ji Singhasan

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Size: Medium
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Ladoo Gopal Ji is kept on a singhasan as a sign of respect and love. This beautiful decorated throne of Ladoo Gopal will add a charm to your mandir or puja sthaan. The wooden singhasan has been cusioned with velvet cloth and decorated with gotas, beads and laces. 
  • Material: Wood & Velvet
  • Color: Red and Yellow
  • Available in three sizes:
  • Small- Dimensions: 21 cm X 14 cm X 13 cm, Weight: 296 grams
  • Medium- Dimensions: 25 cm X 16 cm X 12 cm, Weight: 400 grams
  • Large- Dimensions: 30 cm X 18 cm X 16 cm, Weight: 564 grams


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