Maliyagri Chandan Mala

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This powerful and divine haldi mala is made from sandalwood. The sacredness of the Sandalwood tree is highly regarded in Vedic literature. The Chandana tree, also known as Indra's Sandalwood, is named after Lord Indra because it spreads its fragrance throughout paradise. Sandalwood is revered as the pinnacle of refinement, emitting its scent even to the weapon that stabs it.

  • Effective for Headache, Heart Diseases, Blood Disorder, and Right Eye Defect.
  • Improve a person's spiritual inclination.
  • Promotes a feeling of peace and calmness.
  • Helps in peaceful sleeping.
  • The wearer of this Mala will also attract money and fortune.
  • It acts as an ideal meditation tool as it helps in concentration and focus.

     Product Features

  • Material: Sandalwood
  • Weight: 24grams

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