Copper and Brass Kamal Deepak

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✔ Material: The Copper and Brass Kamal Deepak is a beautifully crafted piece made with a combination of copper and brass. The copper and brass petals surrounding the brass paro deepak create an exquisite and captivating design.

✔ With a weight of 50 grams and dimensions of 4 cm x 9 cm, this Kamal Deepak is compact and lightweight, making it easy to handle and place in your puja area or altar.

✔ The combination of copper and brass not only adds visual appeal but also holds spiritual significance. Copper is believed to have purifying properties, while brass is associated with positive energy and prosperity.

✔ The Kamal Deepak serves as a symbolic representation of light and divinity. Lighting it during your prayers and rituals is believed to bring blessings and create a sacred and auspicious atmosphere.

✔ Carefully clean the Kamal Deepak with a soft cloth to maintain its shine and preserve its beauty. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives that may damage the metal.

✔ Incorporate the Copper and Brass Kamal Deepak into your spiritual practices to enhance your connection with the divine and create a serene ambiance filled with positive energy.

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