Ishadi Nau Upanishad

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The Vedas are divided into three sections, according to the subject: Karma, Upasana, and Gyan. This knowledge is known as Upanishad or Brahmavidya. Ishadi Nau Upanishad contains nine Upanishads (Isha, Ken, Katha, Prasana, Mundaka, Mandukya, Aitareya, Taittiriya, and Shvetasvatara) with text and its translation and commentary by Shankaracharya in Hindi. The book is useful for the students of Sanskrit and the person desirous of having knowledge about Brahma.

  • Author: Shankaracharya
  • Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
  • Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi translation
  • Pages: 1337
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Product Type: Religious Books
  • Weight:1.15kg
  • Size: 8inchX5.5inch


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