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Mahavidyas (Great Wisdoms) or Dasha-Mahavidyas are 10 aspects of Hinduism's Adi Parashakti. Sakta and Buddhist goddesses were united to make this ten-goddess list after Buddhism's demise in India. The Das Mahavidyas are Goddesses of Wisdom. Das is the number ten, maha is the number one, and vidya is the word wisdom. The Das Mahavidyas are several manifestations of Divine Mother Kali, who is the first Mahavidya. Each Wisdom Goddess has its own name, backstory, quality, and mantra. The Mahvidyas, as a group, indicate a significant turning point in Shaktism's history, since they reflect the birth of Bhakti in Shaktism. In the year 1700 C.E., this movement achieved its pinnacle. This new theistic movement began in the post-Puranic era, about the 6th century C.E., and envisioned the ultimate being as a female. 

Das Mahavidya Puja also aids in the removal of all forms of black magic and enemy protection. It guards you against your enemies, the Evil Eye, and other evil influences.

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