Chinta Shok Kaise Mite? by Gita Press

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Shri Jaydayalji Goyandka, the revered founder of GitaPress, had only one passion: how humans can cross the cosmos' ocean! Man is born, grows up, has children, and dies. In this way, after leading an animalistic existence, it transitions to other species. Throughout one's life, one is surrounded by worries, sorrows, and sorrows. Even after receiving a human body, he mistreated it if he remained consumed by worry and grief. This body has been given to us by the grace of GOD solely for the purpose of attaining God by rising above worry. Our ignorance is the source of our anxiety and grief. There is no hand of fate or God at work here. If we understand this, then there can never be worry or sorrow.

The revered Goyandkaji began satsang in Rishikesh around 1918, and from about 1927, he held satsang in Swargashram Rishikesh under a banyan tree for about four months from Chaitra to Ashadha. At that place, how to get rid of worry, how to get peace, how to keep God's memory at all times, how to serve Him selflessly considering the soul as the form of God, the attachment of woman, son, wealth and greatness, it is impossible to achieve God while wanting them, living in home labour Disparity in food service is a major sin that leads to hell.

Mothers and sisters can only benefit from their husbands' obedience. If the above sentiments are present in the hearts of the people, they will be able to progress toward their well-being. Selfishness can be easily renounced by the flu, and worry and grief can be completely eradicated.

An attempt has been made in this regard to give these discourses the form of a book.

  • Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
  • Language: Hindi
  • Pages: 156
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Product Type: Religious Books
  • Weight: 130gram
  • Size: 20cmX13cm

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