भक्त-चरितांक (Bhakt-Charit-Ank) by Gita Press

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The devotees' personalities are always fresh and inspiring. Only the devotee's character reveals the true nature of moksha, repentance, devotion to God, and holy service, etc. This special issue contains a rare collection of life characters of worshipers, seekers, and Mahatmas who increase God's faith, which easily instills God's devotion and faith in the hearts of the readers. The stories described in it are interesting, enlightening, persuasive, and beneficial to love and peace.

  • Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
  • Language: Hindi
  • Pages: 126
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Product Type: Religious Books
  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Size: 28cmX19cm


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