Bhagavatpraapti ke Vividh Upaay (Gita Press)

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We are pleased to present this short educational booklet by Brahmalina Sri Jaydayal Goyandka.
The characteristics of men who have attained the Supreme Personality of Godhead by taking refuge in the Supreme Personality of Godhead are described as those whose prestige and attachment have been destroyed, who have conquered the defect of attachment, and who have a constant position in the form of God, and whose desires are completely destroyed. Those free from the dualities of happiness and sorrow have attained that imperishable supreme state. After attaining the supreme state, human beings do not return to the world. That light itself cannot illuminate the supreme state, neither the sun, nor the moon, nor the fire, that is my supreme abode.

It really is a worth-reading book discussing the steps to self-sublimation. Hope readers will benefit from this.

  • Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
  • Language: Hindi
  • Pages: 155
  • Author: Jaya Dayal Goyandka
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Product Type: Religious Books
  • Weight: 44g
  • Size: 20cmX13cm


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