Aantyakarm shraddh prakash

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Shraddh is a ritual performed in Hindu and other Indian religions to express reverence and gratitude towards ancestors and to remember them. There is a belief that our ancestors, who are responsible for our existence today and from whom we have inherited qualities and skills, etc.,  have an unpaid debt on us. Shraddh for both mother and father is performed on the day of their death according to the Hindu calendar. Apart from this, Shradh is performed for all the ancestors every year during Shradh Paksha. 'Pitra' refers to parents, maternal grandparents, grandmothers, and all the relatives born before them (both from the maternal side and the father's side).

Kuruvaru of Mysore and Yerukul of the Nilgiri hills both offer ancestor sacrifices alongside their deities. The unpeeled coconut is revered as the ancestor of the Dhor Kathkaris and other Hindu tribes of Mumbai.

Antyakarma or Antyeshti or cremation is the sixteenth rite of the Hindu religion. After death, these rites performed by the recitation of Veda mantras are also called cremation, cremation and funeral rituals etc. In this, The dead body is ritually dedicated to the fire after death.

It is required of every Hindu. Only sannyasins and mahatmas are allowed to receive bhumisamadhi or water samadhi when their bodies are released due to selflessness. Cremation of a sannyasin is also practiced in some areas, and no fault is assigned to it. Some people believe that the existing part of the creature other than the body goes to heaven and hell in sequence as a result of good and bad deeds. Some people believe in rebirth and transmigration.

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