Shri Vishnu Puran (With Pictures; Bold Font, Only Hindi) by Gita Press

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Shri Vishnu Puran is a well-known piece of Vaishnavism literature. Vishnu Puran is the most important of the 18 Puranas in Hindu scriptures. This scripture was written by Maharishi Ved Vyas during the first phase of Satyug under the guidance of Lord Brahma Ji.

Vishnu Puran honors Lord Vishnu as the creator and sustainer of this brahmand or the universe. It discusses topics like Cosmogony, Cosmology, Vamsha, Manvantara, Vamshanucharitam and Moksh.

It is said that reading Vishnu Puran can destroy all sinsThe Vishnu Purana also describes the origin of the seas, the mountains, the sun, and the various deities.

Gita Press, Gorakhpur has published Vishnu Puran with beautiful coloured illustrations and accurate Hindi translation.

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